The Holistic Kitchen

The Holistic kitchen – The heart and soul of the home, a place to make nourishing meals and to align with your health and wellbeing!

In Feng Shui the kitchen is known as the wealth and prosperity center of the home.

I remember my grans small apartment kitchen in the UK which doubled as the dining space with a large wooden oval table. Gran prepared the most delicious Sunday lunches for as many family members who could cram around her table, all congregated in her kitchen. I have the fondest memories of these times, in a room more “lived in” than the living room ever was.

Modern kitchens can be big, full of gleaming appliances, yet they are cold uninviting and don’t have the warmth and love of my Grans old kitchen.

The trick is getting the right balance; this is where a holistic approach can help. Here are a few tips to make the very best of your kitchen and to invite happiness into the space.

Firstly go with what you love and what brings you happiness. I have a favorite tea cup and saucer that I love to use, hearts on my tea towels, candles, cookbooks, crystals and plants.

Colours are important; I love a white yet homely kitchen with touches of grey and pale blues, with earthy or gold/copper accents. For décor additions red and yellow stimulate appetite while blue will have the opposite effect.

Items can be added to invite a fresh feel; include potted herbs, fresh fruit (Lemons or oranges are good), things that give the kitchen real life energy. Select your favourite things while avoiding extra clutter in this area.

Circular shaped items such as round plates and décor are recommended as they encourage flow and harmony while aiding positive interactions and communication.

Clean and clutter free is vital for hygiene reasons and to avoid stagnant energy congregating along with the buildup of grime and dust. The tops of high cupboards can be the most troublesome so keeping these clean will allow energy to flow, also try adding a decor item or drapey plant here.

Utilising great storage solutions is key! Sort out cupboards and only keep what you really need. All items placed on benches (often the dumping ground of all sorts) can be collected and returned to where they belong in other parts of the house.

Having specific storage spots for kitchen items to be stored away after use helps the space run smoothly. An additional tip - Keep the pantry doors closed, plus any adjacent doors that may be located close to the kitchen, especially bathrooms.

Natural and non- toxic cleaners and homemade solutions using essential oils are my choice especially when cleaning the inside of the fridge.

Kitchen stoves represent the fire element and should ideally be kept clean at all times. You may also favor one element over the others; try switching these from time to time. And if you cook with your back towards the front door, try adding a mirror to reflect, unless you have a mirrored splash back this is just as good.

Lighting should be warm and inviting, not too harsh but bright enough to safely prepare meals.

Incorporating recycling and composting is a great way to reduce waste going to landfill. It’s amazing how much waste goes into the rubbish bin that could be going elsewhere. Having designated places for recycling and soft plastics and a food scraps container on the bench top makes this easier.

Using glass storage where possible as opposed to plastic is said to be healthier. We also refill food, soaps and cleaners at local suppliers to reduce packaging.

Crystals can be placed in any room and the kitchen is no exception, even in the fridge - I have clear quartz in mine! Carnelian (orange) and Citrine (yellow) would be my recommendations for a creative and joyful touch.

Making the smallest of adjustments and tweaking what you already have is all it takes to help with your connection to positive wellbeing in your home.

Kerry x

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Holistic Design and Soulful Living Practices - The Bedroom Edit: Secrets to a serene room & restful sleep


Think of this as a spring clean and re-alignment for your room and sleep pattern. If you don’t like an item or no longer use it, remove it! Allow for more space and allow for energy to flow and cleanse. Having a less cluttered streamline space will make room for serenity. Finish by cleaning with natural cleaners, behind cabinets, under the bed, window sills, anywhere that stagnant energy and dust can settle.


If you have room to rearrange the space, give it a go!  If possible your bed should not be facing the door. There are remedies for this if no other placement is possible. Look for balance in your room between furniture on either side of the bed, ornaments and matching table lamps. When the room is balanced you are more likely to feel balanced and peaceful in the room and within yourself.


In Feng Shui some recommend no plants in the bedroom, I say one plant is ok. It brings in a fresh natural element. Good quality artificial flowers or plants are ok too. Crystals can also aid sleep, my bedroom favorites are: Amethyst, selenite, howlite, moonstone, rose quartz, blue lace agate and smokey quartz. (See my shop or contact me to purchase).


There is nothing better than a freshly made bed, especially if natural fibers and organic fabrics are involved! Soft toned lighting in the room is essential; using an eco-efficient bulb is the way to go. I also prefer lighter tones and soft hues in this area. And to finish a soy aromatherapy candle (remember to blow out before sleeping) or room spray with relaxing lavender, ylang-ylang or Sandalwood can help you get to sleep. (See my shop for these).


My go to before bed ritual includes a chamomile or sleep blend tea, some may enjoy a relaxing bubble bath to unwind with beautiful scents or a calming meditation. I like to complete a to-do list for the following day to clear my mind and I read a few pages of an inspirational book. And my journal is never far away for any ideas or dreams I would like to record upon waking.

Sweet Dreams

Kerry x


A Holistic Approach

We are all continually evolving, and this applies to our businesses too. Forever seeking out new ideas, personal growth and self-discovery, I enjoy adding new ideas and concepts to what I can offer my clients.

I love to research, learn and gain knowledge like a sponge, absorbing new ideas while figuring out what gives me joy and purpose. I have always had a spiritual connection and have delved into this more recently, reading books, attending seminars, taking classes and completing Reiki Level 1.

The environment and mother earth have always been my point of difference (Despite being an unconventional greenie I attended my first Earth Protection Camp at age 14!) offering Eco/sustainable interior design alternatives. I am also happy working with regular materials and functions that suit my client’s needs.  

For me there is more to design than the superficial. Being aware of energy and how this can affect us, I began to look more closely at the importance of good energy and the need for flow within our homes and work spaces and the positive effect this can have.

Incorporating Feng Shui, which I am currently learning and quite coincidentally have already applied principals in my own home without even knowing, can be used when planning room layouts, furniture placement, colours, shapes and much more.

Having a long history with crystals, wearing them and having them in my own home for many years I sought deeper appreciation of the benefits they too can offer, which has taken my work to a whole new level.  Working with crystals and knowing which specific ones can help with issues or provide a boost when placed in certain rooms to aid sleep, happiness, protection, abundance and anxiety and the overall feel is truly magical.

As always working with my clients and making a difference gives me the greatest joy! Happiness comes from seeing my client’s satisfaction with the solutions I offer to transform their spaces making them the best they can possibly be.

I look forward to working with you!


Selenite - Protection

Selenite - Protection

Thoughtful Interior Design...

With Christmas looming I would like to talk about something close to my heart,  share some tips and think about ways we can all live thoughtfully and sustainably every day not only in our design choices but as a way of life!

If there was a way you could save money, help the planet by sending less to the landfill and feel better about how you view and purchase items would you give it a try?

We live in such a throwaway society, one of my philosophies when charged with redesigning interiors is to use what is already there before looking at new items. This might include reupholstering chairs and couches or renewing wooden furniture with a lick of paint.

My TV cabinet and bedroom drawers belonged to my parents. The pine units were whitewashed and new handles added, this gave them a new lease of life and they are still going strong!  An old headboard can be recovered and buttons added to add a luxurious feel all for a fraction of the price of a new one! By repurposing what you have you are reducing waste and saving money too.

If adding new pieces I consider the following points: (This also applies to clothing!)

1.       Consider if you really need it

2.       Does it fit the purpose – is it durable (This applies especially if you have young children!)

3.       Is it a classic item not a fashion fad you may dislike the following year

4.       Know your style (Here’s where I can help!)

5.       Was it sustainably manufactured (I have a variety of suppliers who meet this criteria)

6.       Check energy ratings and efficiency

7.       Look at where items were made and if they were produced ethically

8.       Quality products are great but less costly items can also last if looked after well

9.       Add Plants!

10.      Avoid Plastic items and Chemicals in paint 

Feeling content with what you have rather than buying for the sake of it will reduce clutter and keep your home and life simple. If you do throw items away – consider whether they can be repaired, sent to a local charity shop, given away, sold online or recycled.

In everyday life I try to buy food in bulk and store in glass jars to avoid excess packaging. I keep metal straws in my handbag and consider recycling every bit of waste in our home. By recycling soft plastics I have reduced our family waste by over half. For me this is just a way of life!

I’d love to help with your interior design decisions, offering my knowledge and advice, choosing the right décor items for a timeless style, saving you time, money and the planet!

Kerry x

Drawers - Repurposed

Drawers - Repurposed

Exciting times...

It gives me such pleasure to combine my passion for the environment and interior design.

I simply could not do one without the other.  I see this as an opportunity to spread the word about sustainability and making the world a better place, while enjoying the aspects of design that make living every day in our homes and businesses easy, comfortable and enjoyable.

I’d love to redesign and help as many people as I can but I am also happy to share and help from platforms such as this where I plan to share as much as I can about beautiful interiors and ways we can make changes every day to make a big difference.

So in short I will include a variety of interesting subjects in my blog that won’t necessarily always be about interiors but also about eco-living in general, new products and suppliers, interesting news and events.

Plus if there are any areas you are interested in or need advice I would love to hear from you and can include in future blogs!

Thank you for joining me on this new and exciting journey!